What is a Crèche?

Simply stated, Crèche is the French word for Nativity. A Crèche is a three-dimensional artistic representation of the birth of Jesus Christ. While focusing on the central figures of the mother Mary and the Christ Child, Crèche artists often telescope time and place to bring together a host of early and heavenly participants – shepherds, animals, angels, wise men, and commoners.

What can I expect to experience at the Eugene Community Crèche Exhibit?

Volunteer hosts and hostesses will greet you as you begin your stroll though the display of over 1,000 Nativity scenes. The Nativity scenes are displayed in a warmly lit cultural hall, and as you enjoy them you will be listening to music provided by local community musicians. The Spirit of Christmas will abound and your heart will be lifted. Please remember that this is a free event, and no donations are accepted.

Can I bring children?

Yes! This display will be especially enjoyable for children as they set out on an “I-Spy” adventure to find certain parts and pieces of the display. They will also enjoy dressing up as the different characters in the Nativity to have their picture taken, free of charge.

New this year! Children’s Room where there will be “hands-on” activities for children with an accompanying adult.

Is it okay to bring a group to view the Nativities?

Yes, we’re always glad to see church groups, school groups, clubs, families, and friends. If you would like to schedule a time for your large group to attend the event, please contact Wanda Risley 541-968-2290 wanda.risley@gmail.com.

Do I need a reservation or a ticket to attend?

No reservation or ticket is required. Admission is always free and no donations are accepted. If you would like to schedule a time for your large group to attend the event, please contactWanda Risley 541-968-2290 wanda.risley@gmail.com.

How do you get so many Nativities to display?

Members throughout the community give the Nativities for display. Each Nativity is registered and returned to the owner after the event.

Can I display my Nativity?

If you’d like to display a nativity in our exhibit, please begin by registering online. You will received a confirmation email instructing you to  bring it to 1155 President Street, Eugene on Thursday December 5th from 6-9pm OR Friday, December 6th from 9:00am-noon. A member of our Registration committee will meet you and direct you as needed. You will set up your own Nativity, and then come to take it down the evening of Sunday December 8th 8:00pm – 10:00pm. If you have questions, please call our Registration Committee Chair, Jennifer Crook 318-497-3003.