• Recorded Music

    Recorded Music

  • Fifth Element Wind Ensemble

    Fifth Element Wind Ensemble consists of flute, oboe, clarinet, horn and bassoon players. They present traditional Christmas and holiday music.

  • Cascade Middle School

    Cascade Middle School

  • Willamette High School

  • Sheldon Dublinaires

    The Dublinaires is a small vocal jazz ensemble comprised of nineteen of the best of Sheldon’s vocal musicians. This versatile group has received numerous awards at Heritage Festival competitions up and down the west coast. They spread holiday cheer at numerous community “gigs” in December, and in March they enjoy sharing their school’s Irish heritage through song.

  • Churchill HS-The Downing Street Singers (DSS) is Churchill High School’s advanced contemporary singing ensemble. Throughout the year, this mixed gender group performs various genres of music with an emphasis on Vocal Jazz and Contemporary A’Cappella. DSS performs at many different venues both in and out of the state, including community performances, jazz and a’cappella festivals, sporting events, concerts, and collaborations with other artists. Students in Churchill’s Choral program take pride in focusing on excellence in singing techniques and style, as well as contributing to a positive environment in which students can feel safe while developing their craft.

    Churchill HS-The Downing Street Singers

  • Shasta Session Choir

    Shasta \”session\” Jazz Choir


  • Richard Guy – Organist

  • Hanna & Kristen Ford

  • Nancy Hale-Stewart & Friends

  • Eugene Gleemen

  • Two Harpists – Celtic harp duo, playing for this occasion mostly Christmas music, with Christine Sauer and Meg Graf. The website, for more information on their music, is

  • The Lowell Singers

  • Bow & Airo

  • Natalie Moon-cello

  • Community of Christ Choir

    Community of Christ Singers

  • Piano Duo-Stacie Wicks & Laura Leon

  • Katana & Crew

    Katana & Crew

  • Stefania Ashby

  • Jake Callister

    Jacob Callister has over 20 years of musical performing experience. He enjoys few things more than playing guitar and singing (especially Christmas music). Jacob’s Crèche performance will be largely traditional carols (with a few appropriate surprises). Sample

  • Emerald Valley Voices Choir

    Emerald Valley Voices is a 30-voice auditioned volunteer choir that celebrates the Mormon choral tradition and aims to make quality choral music accessible to everyone in the community. They sing a variety of music from across traditional choral genres.

  • Organist


  • West Winds Flute Choir-

    West Winds Flute Players

  • Van & Kathy Criddle

    Van & Kathy Criddle

  • Stephanie Kramer – piano

    Stephanie Kramer-piano

  • Raven Family Musicians

    Raven Family

  • Paula Litchfield & Friends

    Paula Litchfield & Friends

  • Tri-Stake Choir Music Program

    Tri-Stake Choir & Carols

  • 1st Presidency Christmas Devotional

    A Christmas devotional from the First Presidency